We are all about our fruits and veggies! We slice ALL fresh fruits for you, saving your time for the kids. We use as many fresh fruits as possible. We love our watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, grapes and more! We even slice those pesky grapes for our babies.


Sometimes, kids just like chicken nuggets and bread. Who doesn’t? We do our best to provide variety while sticking to the basics. You’ll find our menus filled with Rotella’s Bakery products, whole grain pastas, homemade soups, tasty taters and brand-name products.


We pride ourselves in easy to serve and fully prepared meals, served in containers that are easy to stack, serve from, and avoid mess. No bagged liquid products, no canned fruits left in juice, and we do all the cleaning! Just rinse your containers, and set aside for pickup the following day.


You will not find a harder working crew to meet your needs. We are dedicated and trained in the art of hospitality. We may make mistakes, but we will always fix them right then and there. We are grateful for feedback and experience, and we will take every opportunity to show you that you and the kids are always top priority.

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